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If you need a reliable, independent mortgage broker in Didsbury, look no further. With access to the Whole of the Market, our helpful and friendly advisors explore all of Your Mortgage Options to find and arrange the right deal, tailored perfectly to best suit your personal circumstances.

When looking for a mortgage, you might be overwhelmed by the different options available to you. Or perhaps you’re worried that you might not get accepted due to bad credit, or not knowing all of the processes. These thoughts are completely normal and this is why it is best to seek advice from an experienced mortgage advisor. Our mortgage brokers in Didsbury will help you find the right mortgage for you circumstances, and guide you through the application process. All you need to do is look forward to enjoying your new home!

Whether you are a first time buyer, self employed or even if you have less than a perfect credit history, we’ll refine our search around your personal cirumstances. We can also offer guidance and advice if you are looking for bridging loan finance or to release equity from your home.

We are experts in mortgages of all kinds: Residential and Commercial, Self build and Flexible, Offset and Retirement Interest Only, the options seem almost endless. Enquire now to speak to a mortgage advisor in Didsbury who will be able to answer all of your questions.

Expert Mortgage Advice

If the thought of buying a property and obtaining a mortgage is daunting for you, you aren’t alone. It’s one of the biggest financial decisions that you’ll ever have to make, so it’s certainly one you don’t want to risk getting wrong. This is why speaking to an experienced, independent mortgage broker in Didsbury is the best way forwards. Getting independent advice ensures that your options remain open to the whole market, and you get the deal that is right for your circumstances.

People of all ages and financial positions can benefit from professional mortgage advice here in Didsbury. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a property developer, somebody looking to remortgage or to release equity from your property, you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the very best deal available. Many are surprised to learn that even if they have a poor credit history, it’s possible to obtain a mortgage with the right advice. Enquire online to speak to a mortgage broker in Didsbury today and learn more about your options with a free initial consultation.

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Why Choose Us As Your Mortgage Broker in Didsbury?

Whole of Market Access

There are many different types of mortgages so only looking at deals from one lender means you’re unlikely to end up with the best option. Our mortgage brokers have access to the whole of the market, including products not available from high street lenders.

We Are On Your Side

Our local Didsbury mortgage advisors work for you not the lender, and will act solely in your best interests. You can therefore be confident that the mortgage we recommend will be the best available product to suit your circumstances.

We Do The Hard Work For You

At Your Mortgage Options we leave no stone unturned in our whole of market research here in Didsbury. We also handle the whole process end to end, including all the paperwork, solicitors and conveyancing.

We Consider Your Circumstances

We take the time to understand your individual circumstances. This helps us to find the right mortgage that works for you and your family in Didsbury. We will assess all that you can realistically afford and provide you with the right guidance.

Mortgage Broker Didsbury FAQs

The amount you can borrow depends on your personal situation, your household income and current credit commitments. All lenders have different ways of calculating what someone can borrow. They’ll take into consideration factors such as:

  • How much deposit you can put down
  • Type of employment
  • Your salary (combined if you’re buying with a partner)
  • Your monthly outgoings
  • Your credit history and rating

By speaking to an advisor (also known as a broker) and getting expert mortgage advice in Didsbury, you’ll have a much better understanding of how much you will be able to borrow. This will guide you on your house buying journey, as you’ll have a better understanding of which properties in Didsbury are affordable.

While lenders usually prefer at least 10% of the property value as a deposit, many offer first time buyers in Didsbury the chance to access 5% deposit deals as a way to get on the property ladder. These are known as 95% mortgages. However, a lower deposit typically leads to higher interest rates and less flexibility.

The more deposit you put in, the better the interest rate will be. For example if you have a 20% deposit then this will get you a better rate of interest than with a deposit of 10%. So saving up as much as you can for a deposit is usually advised.

Although, this all depends on your current situation. For example if you are renting you might want to buy as soon as possible, and getting together more than 5% for your deposit might not be feasible. Speak to one of our expert mortgage brokers in Didsbury for tailored advice, based on your unique circumstances.

A Repayment Mortgage is guaranteed to pay off the mortgage in full by the end of the term whereas an Interest Only Mortgage has monthly payments which cover only the cost of the interest and your loan amount will remain the same.

At the end of the term you would either need to sell the property to repay the mortgage or find another way to repay the loan.

If you’re thinking of enquiring about mortgage advice in Didsbury, the sooner you speak to and expert the better. Involving a mortgage advisor earlier on in the application process gives us more opportunity to help you and reduces the stress and disappointment of not being able to secure a mortgage that suits your needs.

Buying a home and taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, so it helps to be able to draw upon the knowledge of a qualified professional. There’s also a lot to wrap your head around, especially if you’re a first time buyer, self employed, or if you’ve got a bad credit record.

The most common term for a mortgage is 25 years, but 35 year and even 40 year mortgages are also available. Longer term mortgages might come with higher arrangement fees and interest rates attached, but they can offer a degree of flexibility which is helpful for those whose income might fluctuate month to month.

For example if your deal allows you to make overpayments (which many do), you could pay extra on your monthly repayments when your income allows you to do so. If times become a bit tighter and your income is reduced, you could then revert back to repaying the smaller amount.

Get in touch today for mortgage advice in Didsbury, to find out which mortgage term would be best for you and your situation.

Didsbury is one of the most sought-after areas to live in Manchester, so it is a great location to explore for your new home. It’s popularity has soared in recent years, as it enjoys all of the benefits of Manchester without the hustle and bustle associated with living in the centre. With beautiful scenery, impressive properties and thriving night life, it’s easy to see why so many families and young professionals want to live here.

Didsbury is split into three areas. In East Didsbury, you can expect to find first-class schools and some awe-inspiring properties. West Didsbury is known for its fantastic bars and restaurants; somewhere where you are sure to have a memorable evening. And Didsbury Village has village-like community feel. It’s home to a number of popular eateries, boutique hotels and a range of upmarket shops.

If you’d like to learn more about getting a commercial or residential mortgage for a property in Didsbury, enquire online now.

Yes! We’re based in Didsbury but we offer our mortgage broker services all across Manchester, and the UK. Some other nearby areas we have served clients in include:

If your area isn’t listed above, but you are located in the UK, we can still help you with our expert mortgage advice! Fill out our free online enquiry form to get started.

A mortgage broker or a mortgage advisor, acts as an intermediary to arrange a mortgage between you (the borrower) and the lender, to which we have access to the whole of the market. As independent mortgage brokers in Didsbury, we keep your best interests in mind to provide genuine and unbiased advice. Our commitment and loyalty are towards you, not the lender(s) and we justify all and any recommendations that we make.

First of all, our brokers will get to know all about you and your personal circumstances. This includes your financial situation, as well as what you are looking to achieve. We’ll then search the whole of the market, comparing options available from every lender possible and present you with all of Your Mortgage Options, tailored to your exact needs. Our expert knowledge of the Didsbury mortgage market means we can identify the best lenders and mortgage deals available to you. We are able to assist throughout the whole application process, so you can keep your focus on what’s most important to you and your family.

The suburban area of Didsbury in Greater Manchester has several schools including Didsbury Primary School, Beaver Road Primary School, St Catherine’s RC School and Didsbury High School. 

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